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  • The Global AgeWatch Index is a multi-dimensional index assessing the social and economic wellbeing of elderly populations in over 90 countries, representing 91% of people aged 60 and above in the world. The Index is composed of 13 indicators which can be categorized into four key domains – income security, health status, capability and enabling environment of older people. For the first time the Index enables international comparisons of the quality of life of older people. It also provides a means by which to measure progress in policy responses to ageing.


  • With funding support from The HKJC Charities Trust, the Institute has been ranking Hong Kong among 97 countries and regions in the world in the Global AgeWatch Index, which highlights the importance of assessing the wellbeing of our elderly population from a comprehensive and holistic approach.

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Media Reports

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    • RTHK English News 'Hong Kong Today' (06 October 2016)    
        • HK People should be allowed to work longer

    • RTHK Radio 5 《香江暖流》「暖流採訪隊」(14 October 2016) (in Cantonese)


  • The Hong Kong Elder Quality of Life Index
    In order to assess the well-being of older people in Hong Kong more comprehensively and enable trend analysis, CUHK Jockey Club Institute of Ageing, in collaboration with the Centre for Quality of Life, will develop the "Hong Kong Elder Quality of Life Index". The features of the new index are:
    • Based on the four domains (i.e. income security, health status, capability and enabling environment) in the Global AgeWatch Index to assess major aspects of well-being in older people.
    • Indicators are added to expand the coverage of assessment of well-being in older people.
  • The components of the new index can be found in the figure below. The baseline data of the new index will use official statistics in Hong Kong and survey data collected by the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, CUHK.Elderly QOL Index image